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RyansLap"Win or lose it was an experience that some will never have the balls to ever do, I HAVE GONE INSIDE OF WILLY WONKA's factory to see the making of a Wonka Bar and leave with an everlastingGobstopper in hand with open heart and eyes ready to explore, at any rate I win because I am blessed and I walk away with 4 singles on iTunes with diversity and a public resume that remains infinitive and have friends and connections that re lifelong! Win win:) -I have two beautiful children and best friends and beloveds and most important my family! -love & respect -"  - Ryan


To all of my family & friends who couldn't watch The Voice, this is my entire run from blind auditions to two battles and the playoffs.
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Ryan Whyte Maloney "The Voice" Season 6 Team Blake Top 5 from Nestor Ruesga on Vimeo.

Check out this interview about my return to The Voice and The CherryFest in Traverse City!

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Well, since 2002, life has been a whirlwind of mistakes and learning experiences. I have lived in Michigan, Boston, to Vegas & Hollywood, have played countless shows, from 100,000 people to the bar staff at The Whiskey a Gogo in Hollywood, closing up, being the only people in the building, band members of Indulge disbanding and passing away - RIP Sean DeVincent. I've changed my musical directions from angst alt rock to alt country, have been who the "corporate Vegas" wanted me and forced me to be and, in the end, paved a way to survive in the harshest of conditions and have endured.

Two babies brought into my life and also taken outside of my life; my ex wife, but still a friend, and I couldn't see eye to eye and didn't. We couldn't force a circle in a square anymore. I have made impossible feats through Vegas to be heard, seen and made connections and have tirelessly proved myself to be a voice that remains relevant in Las Vegas. I am blessed and cursed but I like to believe the glass is half full. I stay afloat this way even when I can't keep my nose above water. There has always been a perseverance to break down the "I cant's" and negativity that most people let paralyze their ability to move forward. I choose to set the example for the kids out there who are screaming in silence.

The main highlight is that I have the power to make my own rules in Las Vegas and have my own shows and have earned that right to play what I want and control the environment; like every show is my living room. That is living the dream. My focus when I'm not in lounge mode is writing alt type swampy and creative country lined music, not held captive but speaking examples of life experiences. I don't want to use my voice to sing only about trivial beer and pickup trucks; I want to move people and make them cry as I do when my pen hits paper, revealing my inner thoughts and experiences.

I just remade an album called "Where I've Been" The Extended Edition, and that has taken a few years to accomplish on my own; as well as costing me over $20,000. I continue to be inspired by life and I have songs yet to be sung or heard, but I'm patient and in a sense you have to crawl before you walk and jog before you run! In due time all will come to fruition and I am confident. "Fame and stardom isn't overnight it's earned through the mistakes and heartache of knowing when you get there that you've earned every minute to let yourself smile finally."

The Voice - Let's see, in 2012 I had made a video submission that never made it's way into anyone's hands, In 2013 I had received an email exclaiming someone from the show had seen me online and asked If I wanted to arrange an audition, I replied "If you're a real human, then call me please." Needless to say, I was in front of the producers singing a few songs and made it on to the process. I say process because I am not allowed to let you in on the roller coaster of what it takes to get in front of the four judges, but let me tell you this, it takes a world of strength and belief in yourself when you're just a voice amongst voices. You remember Madagascar when Chris Rock is hiding in the pack amongst hundreds of Zebras and he feels he can hide? I have always felt like an outcast in my own skin and that ended up being a strength because I proved to set myself out among the many, many voices that also tried out.  I always say I chose The Voice because it's not called "the Abs" and I hold total respect for the professionalism that this show reflects on each artist. I can't say that for the cattle call joke that American Idol is, or X Factor, etc... I knew the minute I saw The Voice that I would be on Team Blake. I wrote it on my mirror at home and laser beam focused my energy and spirit to guide me towards that goal. Here I am today! :)

Ultimately my inspiration is always my two kids, although I'm not a part of their everyday life, they always are with me and it allows me, with great magnitude, to jump out of life's plane without a parachute. The moment I stepped into the stage for my blind audition, I had prayed to god and my kids, for there had to be good reason life had led me here. In this moment in time, it's sing and let these four huge talents feel me or go home and just be a lounge singer and that wasn't going to happen. The second I saw chairs turning, I ignored it and pushed on because I didn't want to lose focus on the song's intent and lose my edge. The second I was done singing and I saw all four chairs and these faces looking at me, that's when I became a human again and was in disbelief and in shock. I definitely felt overwhelmed with accomplishment and that it validated years of stress, anxiety and depression, and wondering if I could ever get a break. That was a great day!

Being around other artist after blinds is always a little strange; kind of like being at the beach shirtless. You start comparing your body to theirs, but the goal is to stay focused and keep your eyes on the prize. I chose Blake because he, too, had a long start. When you think of Blake, you think "hillbilly bone" and what's hilarious is that he was relevant and touring in the late 90's, but it took him years to get to the household name that he is. I truly respect that and admire him, so I felt always compelled to work with him despite our musical differences. He is talented and knows what it takes to go from nothing to something and, with that, I can ask for guidance and know he can legitimately supply me with the necessary tactics and ideas to win. The coaches lead us to water but in the end it's up to us to portray our own unique signature imprint.

Win or lose, all I ever wanted was to get farther than anyone I knew has, to show that where you start your life, in even the darkest place, it doesn't define where you will end up and it's never too late for a second chance at life. Beyond The Voice, I hope it will act as a launching pad, to be in America's hearts and attention that I am a real person who bleeds the same color that we all do and that anyone who fights and believes in themselves, even when no one else does, can achieve the impossible!

Traverse City is the place I have always held higher in respect because. It holds values and tradition and it shows when you drive downtown Front Street. You can close your eyes and see it back in 1900, with horse drawn carriages. That's the dream I hold; to remain classically composed yet modern. I have always carried Michigan in my heart and soul with me, there is a naivety in TC and I think that's what makes true love work. You have to be somewhat naive and believe in fairy tails to allow yourself the childlike dream to paint the dream. In this case my dream is becoming reality because I painted this vision long ago and, like a spirit GPS, fate, or what have you, aligned the stars to be gazed upon.

Goals for 2014/15:  To play the cherry festival and have all the people that I grew up with cheering me on. Record an album with a recording contract in place and to be opening and performing with A list names. And to unite my dream into a reality by bringing my kids closer to me and letting them know that, no matter the obstacle, I walked through life's hot burning coals without knowing the outcome and they were with me all along, to the point of finally being beside me. That is the american dream and if that isn't representing than I don't know what is! :)

- Ryan

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Hey there y’all just wanted to say hey

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Hey there y’all just wanted to say hey

I hope everyone is stoked for the future I am inspired again to write and can’t wait for you to see a behind the curtain view of me, take every breathe and every moment for what it’s fully worth and know your loved by the world.

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Hey voice fans!

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Just wanted to say thank you and know only you can help If I ever get to lives! So help me and click all my social media sites and please check iTunes as soon as you see my blind for “Ryan Whyte Maloney” and know all proceeds help me and count as voting down the road, love y’all and those who have been with me from the beginning I have massive respect and am appreciative of you.

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